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Important Details for WIRED 2024

  1. END OF THURSDAY – Since WIRED has been canceled the past two years and we are starting over in many ways, we have decided to implement one of the biggest requests we have had regarding the WIRED week shorten the camp by one day. There are two main reasons for this. First, we have struggled to find sites on Fridays over the past several years due to so many non-profits being closed on Friday. Secondly, it has not been easy to maintain the same energy and intentionality with many of our students over six days. WIRED Tired is a REAL thing, and to be completely honest, we have not been very effective at many of our ministry sites on Fridays because of the student’s fatigue. The cost will have to remain the same at $249 due to the cost of all our supplies and food going up.
  2. NO CHURCH DEPOSIT WIRED Ministries has decided to drop the $250 Church Deposit requirement and only have the $50 Per Person Individual Deposit in the future.
  3. NEW TIERED COST SYSTEM – Due to the number of churches that have tried to skip the entire $50 Per Person Individual Deposit process over the past several years, we have been forced to implement a tiered cost system. Under this system, all churches that register and pay their $50 Individual Participation Deposits by March 15th will be locked into the $249 per person rate. Any church that misses this deadline for registration and paying their $50 Individual Participation Deposit will be locked into the $299 per person rate.
  4. MINIMUM GRADE COMPLETED CHANGE – After several years of trying to allow 6th graders the opportunity to participate in the WIRED week, WIRED Ministries has concluded that 6th graders are not spiritually, mentally, physically, or emotionally ready to participate in a whole week of WIRED. Therefore, all students participating in WIRED 2022 must have completed the 7th grade to attend.
  5. NO SPECIAL REQUEST FOR 2024 – The number of special requests for friends to be grouped has increased tremendously over the past several years. Therefore, WIRED Ministries will NOT accept any special requests solely based on friends who want to be on the same ministry team at WIRED 2022. However, we will continue to allow special requests for the following reasons:
    1. Special Needs – This could be due to an individual’s health or disability situation or a specific adult on the same ministry team.
    2. Site-Specific Request – There are times when a specific ministry site or team has already contacted a student and an adult to serve on a particular group of ministries. WIRED will ensure that this individual is placed on that specific team.
    3. Friend Bringing a Visitor – If you have a student who isn’t a member of your church but is participating with your church, WIRED will request that they be together if you think it is vital for the visitor’s participation WIRED 2024. Please know that you will receive a phone call from someone at WIRED to validate this request before it is granted.
  6. MANDATORY STUDENT LEADER MEETINGS – To ensure that every church and student leader will be fully informed about what will be going on at WIRED 2024, WIRED Ministries will require that ALL participating churches attend one of the three luncheons/suppers that we will schedule in April and May to go over everything associated with WIRED 2024. We hope this will make it easier for them to inform the students and adult chaperones of this information before the WIRED week starts. These dates have not been set yet but will be spaced out over six weeks and will include a variety of lunches and suppers to make it convenient for everyone to attend at least one.
  7. NO CHAPERONES KIDS ON SITES – WIRED Ministries will no longer allow adult chaperones to bring their young children with them to ANY of our ministry sites, regardless of the situation. As you can imagine, the liability exposure WIRED Ministries would have if anything happened to a young child not associated with WIRED week would be highly detrimental to the long-term viability of our ministry.
  8. TRANSPORTATION LIST REQUIREMENTS CHANGE – We have always required each church to list the types of transportation they are bringing to WIRED, who will be driving them, and how many people will be each mode of transportation will hold by the middle of May. However, we have consistently run into churches changing their vehicle after Ministry Track Teams have been made, which requires us to go back and re-work the ministry teams entirely. In 2024 and the future, WIRED Ministries will need that each church ensures that their transportation list doesn’t change after the May 8th Suppose there is an emergency or complications with a lease agreement. In that case, it is the church’s responsibility to replace any vehicle with the same type on their transportation list, with the same driver, and with the same number of seats.
  9. CHURCH PLACEMENT ON TEAMS – WIRED Ministries will no longer place churches that DO NOT meet our 5:1 student to chaperone ratio requirements on ministry teams until they comply. WIRED Ministries relies heavily on our churches to provide quality chaperones to assist our 80+ ministry teams. It adversely affects our ministry and the safety of every student attending WIRED week when a church doesn’t comply with our requirements. To eliminate this situation, WIRED Ministries will not place ANY of a church’s WIRED participants on teams until they comply. We consider securing adult chaperones as one of the basic steps in registering for WIRED, and any church that participates should have that requirement taken care of before they register. If a church refuses to comply for some reason, they will not be allowed to join in WIRED 2024 and will NOT receive a refund under any circumstances.