Are there employment opportunities with Wired Ministries?

Yes, Please use our contact page if you are interested.

Is WIRED held in other cities besides Dothan, AL?

No. WIRED is only held once a year in Dothan, Alabama. 

How can I become a Track Leader?

Please visit our Track Leader page for more information.

How can my Church Youth Group Attend?

Please visit our registration page for more information.

I’m not a member of a local Church, can I still attend? My Church isn't going to WIRED, can I still attend? 

Yes! To participate in the WIRED all students must be signed up through a Church. If your home Church cannot attend or you do not have a home Church you are welcome to attend with any Church registered for WIRED. We suggest reaching out to friend's whose Churches are attending and see if you can go with their youth group. If you'd like a list of Churches with open spaces we can see if we can help you with finding open spots, please contact us here.

How much does the WIRED cost? What does the fee cover/include?

COST PER PERSON (including student pastors and adult chaperones) is $249.00

Cost of camp covers:

  • All meals from Sunday night through Friday night
  • Lodging for the week
  • Access to all services – Morning Celebration and Nightly Worship Services
  • All materials for Wired Ministry Sites
  • Free T-Shirt, water bottle, and other SWAG!

Where is WIRED taking place?

Dothan, Alabama

Can my family come to the evening nights of worship?

Yes! We will offer a limited number of Nightly Worship Armbands and tickets for all who are not able to participate in the full week of WIRED but still want to be a part of the nightly sessions. Purchase Tickets Here.

Are refunds available?

At this time no refunds are available, however, you can replace drop-out students with other students who'd like to attend. 

I cant attend all of the WIRED. Are there evening or day rates available?

Wired Ministries realizes that everyone can’t join us for the full week of WIRED. There are students who have other obligations and adults who can’t get off the entire week to serve as volunteers or chaperones. 

We will offer a limited number of Nightly Worship Armbands for all who are not able to participate in the full week of WIRED but still want to be a part of the nightly sessions. Purchase Tickets Here.

When will I get my Nightly Worship Armbands?

You will be notified via email at a later date on how to pick-up your armbands.

What time does the Nightly Worship Service Start?

Sunday // Service Starts at 8:00 PM (Doors Open 7:00 PM)
Monday - Friday // Service Starts at 7:00 PM (Doors Open 6:00 PM)

Are there any special prices or group rates?

We do have special pricing on our Nightly Worship Armbands

    What should I wear?

    Closed-toe Shoes (for ALL Ministry Sites), Modest tops & t-shirts, Modest shorts, pants, or jeans, Modest dresses. All clothing with Spaghetti / small straps, open backs, excessively short lengths, or tight fitting are unacceptable. This includes tank tops. Dresses and Shorts must be finger-tip length when hands are extended to the front or back of the garment.

    Is there an age limit to attend the WIRED?

    Age limits for WIRED are determined by when your church promotes children into the youth group. If your church moves up incoming 6th graders into the youth group and they have participated in your group activities for the entire school year, they can attend WIRED. However, if your student ministry doesn’t move 6th graders up into the youth group until they have completed the 6th grade and moving into the 7th, then those 6th graders are not allowed to attend WIRED. Ultimately, we want a student to have completed one year cycle in your student ministry before coming to WIRED. It would not beneficial to the student, your student ministry, or our ministry for WIRED to be the first youth activity a 6th grader attends with your church.

    To attend our Nightly Worship services you can be any age!

    What should I bring?

    Bible, notepad, pen, sleeping bag and/or single air mattress, towels, washcloth, pillow, blanket, toiletries, water bottle, sun protection, modest clothes, closed-toe shoes, hat, and sweatshirt.

    Do you have a newsletter?

    Yes! To stay informed and up-to-date on all things Wired, Sign-up for our email updates, click here.

    Any other questions?

    Please use our contact page if you have any further questions.