Our History

WIRED Ministries began in 2008 attempting to answer some questions about what the Wiregrass community would look like if the entire body of Christ were to unite together to serve our community and worship together without any religious walls being in place.

WIRED is about uniting our community to serve those who are in need while growing our relationship with God through Bible study and worshiping together as the body of Christ. Every year student ministries from local churches, dozens of non-profits and ministries, and government agencies unite together to serve those in our community that are in need.  WIRED unites students from your student ministry with students from other local student ministries to be the hands and feet of Christ as you serve in one of the ministry teams that will be formed for WIRED. Each ministry team will do various service projects and have a Bible study time each day, and at night come together as one body of believers to praise, worship, and thank our God for what He has done in and through us that day!

WIRED Ministries’ purpose can be summed up in three short but powerful words – Unite. Serve. Disciple. None of us believe Unite, Serve, & Disciple are merely words on a page or a catchy phrase. Rather, we believe these three words are straight from God and they give us the laser-focused mission statement that He has called us to execute.

WIRED exists to unite local churches from throughout the Wiregrass area so that we can serve those in our community who are less fortunate and are in need. Through this, we can show our community how beautiful the united body of Christ is as we work together to be His hands and feet throughout the Wiregrass area. Whether it is through teaching students how to serve at the various ministry sites during the week of WIRED or during our Bible study and corporate worship services, students and adults alike are discipled throughout the week so that they can have a better understanding of who God is, how He has called them to live, and what His purposes are for their lives.

Each Member Attending the full week of Wired will be placed in one of our many Ministry Team Opportunites and serve there the entire week of Wired. 

  • Kid's Club - These ministry teams will go into local apartment complexes, housing authorities, and churches to do a backyard Bible club for the children in these areas. Activities will include Bible stories, music, arts and crafts, outdoor games, and some much need attention and love for these children.

  • Extreme Camp - These ministry teams will go into local schools, churches, and community organizations to offer fun activities, such us, art studio, music and dance, outdoor games, cheer, and a variety of sports. Kids participating in Extreme Camp will not only get to engage in their favorite activities, but they will most importantly hear the Gospel.

  • Sports Camp - These ministry teams will go into the local Boys & Girls Clubs to support their summer programs, assist a local church's sports camp, and lead an FCA sponsored sports camp that will offer different sports at Dothan High School and Northview High School. Each site will take on its own identity and offer different sports based on the needs of the community or church.

  • Social Ministry - These teams will be exposed to the large number of non-profits and community ministries that exist in our community.  Every day will be something different for these teams. They will serve our community in various ways by doing yard work, visiting in nursing homes, senior adult centers, and special needs camps, serving at food banks, and many other activities. Each group will be exposed to the day-to-day work that goes on in our community to meet the needs of those that are less fortunate.

  • Evangelism - These teams will be given the opportunity to go share the gospel in our community by doing street evangelism, feeding the homeless, passing out food and toiletries at hotels, and other intentional activities that give them the opportunity to share the gospel with others.

  • Multi-Cultural Ministry - These teams will work with leaders within our community whose ministry is devoted to serving the growing multicultural population in the Wiregrass area.  Their outlet to share the Gospel will be teaching English as a second language.

  • P.C.Y. (formerly construction) - These teams will focus on meeting the physical needs in our community by helping those who need houses painted, yards landscaped, and light construction projects completed, such as, building a wheelchair ramp or repairing a floor.