Registration Policy

Step 1 - Church Registration

Please fill out all our registration form, click here. When registering your students and chaperones, please remember that we have a 5 student to 1 chaperone ratio per gender. Due to limited availability, please only register the number of participants that you feel confident will be attending. 


Step 2 - Church Deposit – Due by February 15

Each church is required to pay a non-refundable $250 deposit by February 15, to ensure that their group is locked into WIRED CAMP. 

  • This deposit is not an additional cost to your church and will be credited to your final balance due on May 10.
  • A church’s WIRED CAMP registration will not be complete until we receive their deposit.
  • ALL payments should be made via check or certified check and made payable to WIRED Ministries.
  • Please mail ALL payments to WIRED Ministries, PO BOX 8444, Dothan, AL 36304.


Step 3 – Individual Participant Deposit Due – Due by March 15

There is a $50 deposit per person registered, including student pastors and adult chaperones, for WIRED 2018 due to WIRED Ministries by March 15. (Example: 20 people x $50 = $1,000)

  • Just like the Church Registration Deposit, the Individual Participant Deposit will go towards each individual’s $249 participation fee.
  • WIRED Ministries will consider the number of people each church sends deposits for as their final number of participants for WIRED CAMP, thus making them financially responsible for that total number of participants attending WIRED CAMP.
  • There will absolutely be NO refunds or cancellations after the Individual Participant Deposit has been received.
  • Participating churches will be allowed to substitute participants for drop-outs but cannot add or subtract to the original number of students/chaperones registered by paying this deposit.
  • All payments should be made via check or certified check and made out to WIRED Ministries and mailed to WIRED Ministries, PO Box 8444, Dothan, Alabama 36304.


Step 4 - Final Payment – Due by May 10

The final payment for each church's WIRED CAMP remaining balance is due on May 10.  If we do not receive a churches final payment by the due date, their participation in WIRED CAMP will be in jeopardy. Church participation in WIRED CAMP will only be considered finalized after the final payment for the remaining balance is received.


Step 5 - Transportation and Overall Church Participation List Due – Due by May 10

  • Finalized Transportation List
    • CLICK HERE to Download
    • What type of transportation are you making available to WIRED CAMP to use?
    • Who are the drivers for each form of transportation?
    • Does your church have a driver’s schedule for the week that we need to be aware of?
  • Finalized Church Participation List
    • CLICK HERE to Download
    • This is a listing of each person attending WIRED CAMP, including adult chaperones, and their WIRED CAMP ministry track choices.
    • The Finalized Church Participation List should be completed and emailed to Mark Anderson ( no later than May 10.
    • WIRED Ministries is currently creating new email accounts for our board of directors and administrative team, but will notify you of the correct email to send this information to within the next several weeks.


Updated 1/13/18