WIRED Ministries began back in 2008 attempting to answer some questions about what the Wiregrass community would look like if the entire body of Christ were to unite together to serve our community and worship together without any religious walls being in place.


You can find WIRED’s ministry heartbeat by looking back into our original 2008 information packet. We asked the following questions:

·       Can we even begin to imagine how God could use WIRED to bring our community back to Him, while at the same time empowering the local body of Christ?

·       Would we even be able to comprehend the amount of Spiritual energy that would be generated by wiring together dozens of student ministries and hundreds of Godly students?

·       Can any of us think of a better opportunity to share the gospel with such a great number of people through just one event that WIRES all of us together?

·       How much strength and confidence could students gain from knowing that they are WIRED together through Christ to an unlimited supply of fellow Christians who are fighting the same fight, and experiencing the same struggles as they are?

·       Could we imagine the Power of God that could be generated throughout our area if every student ministry was WIRED together with a common purpose?


There is no way we could have even begun to understand how impactful the answers to these questions would be way back in 2008!  God has found favor on us and we have been blessed to see hundreds of lives changed forever!  Our community has seen what He has done in and through us to the point that WIRED has become a vital part of our community as a whole.


WIRED Ministries’ purpose can be summed up in three short but powerful words – Unite. Serve. Disciple.

None of us believe Unite, Serve, & Disciple are merely words on a page or a catchy phrase. Rather, we believe these three words are straight from God and they give us the laser focused mission statement that He has called us to execute.


WIRED exists to unite local churches from throughout the Wiregrass area so that we can serve those in our community who are less fortunate and are in need.  Through this, we can show our community how beautiful the united body of Christ is as we work together to be His hands and feet throughout the Wiregrass area.  Whether it is through teaching students how to serve at the various ministry sites during the week of WIRED or during our Bible study and corporate worship services, students and adults alike are discipled throughout the week so that they can have a better understanding of who God is, how He has called them to live, and what His purposes are for their lives.


WIRED 2017 will be our 10th gathering!  We are blessed to have over 60 churches and 2,400 people already registered to join us on June 25th-30th as we celebrate all that God has done over the past decade.  WIRED 2017 will feature some of the nation’s leading worship bands and speakers, while also serving our community through 120 different ministry teams.  WIRED 2017 also offers a limited number of Nightly Worship Armbands for students and adults who are not able to participate in the full week of WIRED but still want to be a part of the nightly sessions.


Without a doubt, WIRED 2017 will be one of the most amazing weeks in Dothan’s history!

We hope you make plans to join us as we celebrate Jesus and all that He has done at WIRED over the past 10 years!


For more information about WIRED 2017, please go to wiredministries.com.